Montana's Rocky Mountain Front covers 1.5-million-acres of wildlands and ranch country stretching from the Canadian border to the Missouri River tributaries in a 150-mile span.

One of the greatest threats to the natural and cultural integrity of the Front is encroachment by noxious weeds. Weeds rob both economic value from ranchlands and habitat value for the Front's treasured wildlife. In recognition of this threat, The Rocky Mountain Front Roundtable has rallied the cooperation of landowners, community leaders, local county weed districts, the Blackfeet Indian Tribe, local watershed groups, NGOs, the Helena and Lewis & Clark National Forests and Glacier National Park to:

  • Organize and conduct educational community weed pulls and drainage-based weed treatments with the general public, landowners and public agencies;
  • Work with the Montana Conservation Corps crews and area youth on community weed projects, both to enrich and educate;
  • Employ a robust biological control program as a lower-cost, long-term solution to weed management;
  • Conduct research-based innovative weed management techniques and monitors outcomes for future use by landowners and land managers.

Our Mission: to conduct strategic, collaborative noxious weed management while partnering with local stakeholders to benefit the economic, biological, and social well-being of the Rocky Mountain Front.


Rocky Mountain Front.  Photo:  Erin Fairbank